The Shocks Issued by Anti Bark Collars Are Mild

There are lots of dog owners who disaprove the use of anti bark collars, considering them to be some inhumane if not even torture devices, but the very same people are subjecting their pets to extremely emotional upset, and even cruelty on some occasions. Some dogs rarely bark, but there are also those who rarely stop barking, and unless you live in the middle of nowhere, your neighbors are going to complain, and of course they’ll have every right to. Very few people are able to resist incessantly barking, but no one has any good reason to do it. Not only is the barking going to cause a rift with your neighbors, but it can also get you into trouble with the law. And if you get into such trouble with the law, besides the financial aspect, there is also the possibility of beeing forced to give up at the dog that is continuously causing a disturbance.

For both you and the dog, if you have to give up at him or her, after all those years you have spent together, will be a huge emotional distress. And if the dog is not properly trained to change its barking behaviour and continues to disturb people, the new owner will most likely get rid of it too. Eventually the barking loving dog will find itself in an animal shelter, and most probably on the receiving end of a lethal injection. How anyone can possibly believe that this type of treatment is more humane than a negligible static shock is beyond belief.

There were cases when a dog has been tortured using a shock collar, and scarie movies were made about the subject, and reports have been written on how cruel the use of these collars is. In reality however, these reports are written by those who claim to love be devoted dog lovers, yet they’ve never taken the time to actually research anti bark collars. A quite spread belief among such people is that a portion of the dogs’ neck is shaved in order to apply the electric shocks. Can you believe that some of these reporters are so misinformed so that they claim to have seen burn marks on these dogs’ necks? Have you ever seen a skin burn produced by the small AA batterie?

In truth, electronic Anti Bark Collars should be called “tingle” collars, as opposed to shock collars. Few people have not experienced the static energy effect, and we cannot describe the tiny electric shock produced when we touch something metallic as beeing painful. Yes it gives you a fright, but it’s by no means painful, and it can certainly do you no harm.

Thousands of dogs have escaped euthanasy due to these collars. They are a real blessing for the owners whose dogs stopped barking just after a few days of wearing the collars. Before the electric shock, most of the Anti Bark Collars issue a warning beep. If the dog then goes ahead and starts bark, a very mild shock is given, and if the dog continues to bark, the intensity of the shock increases. With that said, even the most powerful shock is little more than what we know as a static shock. It cannot be more powerful than the two AA batteries allow.

The right nickname of these electronic Anti Bark Collars should be in fact “tingle” collars. The intensity of the electric shock is adjustable. Most Anti Bark Collars firstly issue a warning beep.



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