The Anti Bark Collar Is Used to Train the Dog Proper Behaviour

Is all dog barking bad? Barking is quite normal for them, and even healthy, because they express their fear or warning But sometimes, they bark without good reason, just seeming to bark for barking. And when they bark too much when there is no need for barking, there is a problem. While there are several types of methods for preventing your dog from barking at such times, an anti bark collar is definitely one of the best options.

The way an Anti Bark Collar operates is quite a simple one. It is composed of two main parts, a microphone and a battery. The sound made by the dog when barking triggers the Anti Bark Collar to release a mild stimulus to discourage the barking and a short beep. There are two types of stimuli released by the anti bark collar, the oil of the citronella plant and the ultrasonic sound, and of course the both of them are pain free for the dog. Some dog owners preffer ultrasounds releasing anti bark collars, others argue that the bark collars using citronella oil are more effective, because in time the dog will become accustomed with ultrasounds.

Why should you consider using an anti bark collar instead of other methods? For those interested in a holistic approach of behavior control, such collars can be one of the best options available. The anti bark collar releasing citronella uses the oil that originates naturally from a plant. One could arguably consider holistic the use of the anti bark collar releasing ultrasounds, since this technical device is basically imitating the effect of the human shouting. An interesting fact is that, while these devices are really safe for the dogs wearing them, they are also safe for the insect nearby. For example, while a citronella-filled anti-bark collar can help to repel insects such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, it won’t actually hurt or kill the bugs. Many of us don’t really want to kill fleas and ticks and oppose to the production and use of pet supplies that kill these insects.

Another main benefit of anti-bark collars is that they’re humane. This is the truth when we speak about the citronella based collars, but also about the ultrasonic collars. Any owner will avoid any product for his pet if this is not as humane as possible. The scent of the citronella oil is highly unpleasant for any dog, but it won’t cause the dog any health related problem. The pitch of ultrasonic sounds used by the anti bark collar is extremely high and won’t harm the hearing of your dog. We use to say that the dog is man’s best friend. It is then obvious that we should use anti bark products that are friendly to our friends. This type of products don’t cause any harm or pain to our dogs, they just worn them when barking.

Yet another benefit of an anti bark collar is that it’s effective. We are for sure interested in results. Amazingly, some scientific studies have revealed that anti-bark collars can be effective in preventing up to 90% of your dog’s unwanted barking. We don’t usually by any product for our pet. But when choosing the best one for our pet pooches, we should certainly consider how effective they are.

Anybody can afford these collars. The price of the product depends on various factors, and particularly the anti-bark method that it uses. Still, you can easily find anti-bark collars whose price tags are below $100 USD. And this is a high plus today.

The Anti Bark Collar is acting in a very simple way. The sound of the barking triggers the Anti Bark Collar to release a mild stimulus. We should use anti bark products that are friendly to our friends.



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