Is It Cruel or Inhumane to Use a Dog Bark Collar?

The chances are you’ll invariably hear that you should never use a Dog Bark Collar. on your dog because they’re cruel and inhumane. And of course, when asked to describe these collars and how do they work, why are they so cruel and inhumane, all those people will say they never saw one and don’t even thought to test one. None of these people are speaking from their experience, all they are doing is passing on the misinformation they heard from others having the same lack of direct experience with such devices like them.

The collar has an electronic device attached, and this device delivers the electric shock, which intensity is provided by the two small penlight batteries included, that are not able to do any harm to any dog. Dogs, as well as other animals, perceive electricity different than humans, and this is why the dog bark collar is effective with them while we could ignore the shocks. The shocks produced by these anti bark devices are designed to startle the dog, not to hurt him. In fact, there is no pain at all, even when the most intense shock is delivered. Instead, the dog simply experiences an unpleasant feeling. Arguing with people opposing to these collars, even if you prove the dogs are not physically harmed, they say it could harm them mentally or emotionally. Within a pack, the alpha dog impose his domination through different types of correction, so any dog would consider correction a natural thing.

In fact, any dog wearing such a collar for no matter how long time, experienced only two or three of these electric shocks before learning how to avoid them. A good quality collar will make a buzzing sound before any electrical stimuli is delivered, and a dog quickly learns that the buzzing is followed by a very mild correction. The shock is delivered after the warning beep was ignored for a few seconds, but until then the dog was free to bark. Should the dog choose to ignore the correction, the following correction will be slightly more intense, and the following, a little bit more intense. Only the most stubborn dogs will continue until experiencing the highiest correction level. But the vast majority of them are smart enough to learn in a few days to stop at the warning beep.

European countries have some of the strictest anti cruelty laws in the world, but the dog bark collar is not considered harmful by their legislation. No other anti bark training method is so effective. Even the professional dog trainers are failing with some dogs when training them not to bark, the regular dog owners have few chances without using a Dog Bark Collar. Some people can get angry enough to listen your dog unceassantly barking and may try to poisson it. In many communities are laws that can force the owner of a dog barking in excess and at inappropriate times to give it to a dog shelter.

Electronic collars allow dog owners who really love their dogs to find a way around this problem, and they do so in a safe and humane way

Ask someone about the Dog Bark Collar. If the dog is stubborn enough, it will experience the highiest shock. There are few chances to succeed without using the Dog Bark Collar.



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