Is an Ultrasonic Bark Collar Effective?

There are some dog owners that find out the hard way that the barking of their dogs has to be controlled. The sonic bark collar is very often mentioned as a perfect solution to this problem, but are they really as good as their reputation claims them to be?

Professional dog trainers have a saying regarding the training of dogs: “Train the master while you train the dog,” and there’s a reason behind it. The idea is simple, it’s not enough to memorize a few movements or words, but it also requires an understanding of what the dog percieves, otherwise the instuctions will be confusing and frustrating to the dog.

However, for those owners that understand their dogs behavior, the sonic collar (also known as the ultrasonic collar) is a good training tool. What could be simpler than putting a special collar on your dog to make it quiet? In a perfect world - nothing!.

In the imperfect world we live in, some people tend to missuse the dog collar in an attempt to keep their dogs from barking. These collars are not meant to be worn all the time. The sonic collar should be used only to stop excessive barking and only when there aren’t other dogs around that could accidentally trigger your dog’s collar with their barking. Attention also needs to given to the settings of the ultrasonic bark collar. These settings refer to the level of sound vibrations (the barking) that the collar needs to detect before it activates itself, as well as the intensity of the sound that the collar will emit.

A well adjusted sonic bark collar used at the right time will significantly decrease the natural drive of your dog to bark at inappropriate times and lead to a much better relationship between you and your dog.

Although it is aggreed that the best way to train a dog to stop an innapropriate behavior is to catch it then and there. Some people wonder if the sonic collar is effective in this way. Nevertheless, if you have a problem with shock or spray collars, the sonic collar is a good option.

The sonic bark collar is an effective way to train your dog into stopping inconvenient barking. They are not a fast fix though. The ultrasonic bark collar works only when the owner knows how to train his or her dog.

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