How to Exercise Your Bulldog

Bulldogs love to sleep, and they will prefer lying on the sofa or in their dog beds to jogging. However, just like other dogs, bulldogs need to exercise to remain healthy. Given their stubborn nature, you must think of ways to make them exercise with you. To be able to do this, you must start exercising your dogs while they are young and make them accustomed to it since dogs are animals of habit.

Moderate Exercise

Just like other dogs, bulldogs need exercise, but the amount of exercise that they need is only moderate since their body structure does not allow them to undergo strenuous exercises. The shape of their head and their breathing apparatus are some of the physical traits that make them vulnerable to shortness of breath when they exercise. This is why you should not run when you walk your dogs. It will be difficult for them to cope with the physical stress involved in running. You must also be wary of the weather when you take your dog for a walk since bulldogs are also very vulnerable to too much heat. When the weather is hot, bulldogs can suffer from heart attacks or heat strokes.

Rest and Nutrition

Bulldogs love to sleep. Sleeping and sufficient rest help their bones, joints and muscles develop well. Given this, it is also important to let them get the sleep that they need so that they grow up to be strong and healthy. Together with this exercise and rest regimen, it is also very important to feed bulldogs properly. Proper nutrition helps them grow strong and healthy.

Bulldogs need only a moderate amount of exercise. However, you must also be able to consider their physical makeup and other needs so that you will be able to provide the appropriate amount of care that they need to become healthy.

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