English Bulldogs - How to Care, Exercise and Train

English bulldogs are very loyal and friendly pets that will do just about anything for their owner. Best of all they are super cute and gets along with other family members and pets. The one thing that you might not like about your English bulldogs is that it is naturally big and fluffy furthermore it is very stubborn at times. Especially to new owners, someone you might be.


To care for your new or old English bulldog you will need to do very little fur wise because your dog has very little hair. For the most part all you would have to do is get a cloth and rub his coat with it, if you do it around the spring time you do not even need to give your dog shaved or anything like that.

One other big problem that occurs with your dog is that during the summer they tend to overheat a lot. Most of it is because of the fact that they have a lot of skin and flaps that overlap each other. Leading to their body heating up very fast whenever they are exposed to the sun rays. To take care of your English bulldog all you need to do is to get some cooling creme, something that is available at your local pet store and wipe some of it on your dog before you go to a warm place. It is similar to sun tan lotion, except having a different effect.


This is very crucial for your dog because of how naturally fat English bulldogs can get. Even more of it is due to people not exercising their English bulldogs enough. Remembered to take your dog on a walk at least twice every day, if not then do a short jog just once. If you want your dog to have a good health in their later years to come then you better start to doing it right now. This is like how humans exercising early in their years and staying fit will live a longer and more fulfilling life.

Again, try to get your dog out on either 2 walks or at least 1 job, both of which should be at least a total of 15 minutes. Sometimes you may skip this, it is alright as long as a total weekly worth of at least one hour of total exercise. Now do not think my way is the right way, many of these variables depend on how much feed your dog and how often. Furthermore what you feed your dog is important when it comes to these different factors.


Training your English bulldog is a lot easier than you think, you may think that since they are stubborn training is easy. The one weakness that English bulldogs have that makes them easy is their love for food, if you have a lot of good treats. As long as you do not over feed your dog then you will dog fine doing any kind of training for your dog.


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