American Bulldogs For Sale: Know The Classic From The Standard Variety

The American bulldog was at one time on the verge of going extinct, especially during the period that immediately followed the end of the Second World War. This lovely creature that is a descendant of the English bulldog survived mainly because a certain gentleman by the name of John D. Summerville ensured the continuation of this excellent breed. Before going out looking for American bulldogs for sale it is necessary that you first look for a reputable breeder and then determine without any doubt that such a breed is indeed suitable for you and your family.

Fiercely Loyal

There are many amazing qualities in the American bulldog that make him an ideal pet. You will also love him for a number of reasons including for his fierce loyalty and because he is also an excellent hunting dog and of course most importantly he makes for an ideal pet dog. It is not uncommon for an American bulldog to display extraordinary traits including showing exemplary courage and being brave beyond expectations and this in turn ensures that his master is always assured of being well protected from attacks.

When choosing American bulldogs you need to look at the two major classifications: Standard or Scott or Performance and Classic or Johnson or Bully. Of course, it is not always possible to find the best in these two types since a majority of American bulldogs are a cross of these two major classifications.

The Standard American Bulldog is characteristically short in size and much stockier and he is often mistaken for a Pit Bull that is his close cousin. However, there is not much to distinguish the Classic from Standard American Bulldog – at least as far as their appearance goes.

Most American Bulldogs are white in color and it is also normal for them to have red or brindle patches. Their coats tend to be wiry and short and will feel quite bristly as well as rough when you touch them. Fortunately, the American Bulldog does not require much by way of maintenance and for this they can thank their short coats. This in turn means that you only occasionally will find it necessary to brush them or give them a bath. Brushing is most effective when you use a brush with stiff bristles.

American Bulldogs have jaws that are especially strong and this makes their head look boxy as well hard. A vast majority of American Bulldog males will grow to a height of about twenty-seven inches maximum and twenty-two inches minimum and they will weigh between seventy-five pounds and one hundred and twenty-five pounds. The female however reaches heights of between twenty and twenty-five inches and will weigh between sixty and one hundred pounds.

The average lifespan of the American Bulldog is about sixteen years and what’s more, this breed also draws some of their characteristics from their ancestors – the English bulldog. So, you should expect that your American Bulldog pet will prove to be a big help in herding cattle and he will also prove to be a useful working dog as well.

The trait that sets the American Bulldog apart is of course his fierce loyalty and they are known to do anything and everything to protect their masters as too the master’s property which is why these pets make excellent watch and guard dogs. At the same time they are also known for their gentleness and are excellent pets in the company of children as too other members of the family.

The American Bulldog sometimes forgets his own strength and so before allowing him to play with children it is necessary to supervise his activities. He is however also not from a breed that trains too easily and so can be stubborn and will only obey you after he has been put through consistent training programs.

However, he will thrive even when housed in an apartment and he does not mind great periods of inactivity. It is of course recommended that he is exercised adequately. In addition, it helps to also be aware of his health problems. In particular, you need to check him for hip dysplasia; however, he is by and large a healthy breed and so there is not much to be concerned about in this regard.

Before hunting for American Bulldogs for sale you need to be well acquainted with his general characteristics and health as well as grooming needs after which you should check the more reputable breeders to see if they have an American Bulldog that you will love to bring home.

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