American Bulldog Puppies: Learn How To Bring Him Up

American bulldog puppies are cute though before you bring one home it is a good idea to learn more about the breed. There no doubts the fact that every dog breed has points of difference and so you need to research these points so as to know all about the breed before you proceed any further. At present, the American Bulldog is not a breed group that has been recognized by the American Kennel Club. At one time the breed nearly went extinct though a person named John D. Johnson persevered with the breed and ensured that the breed was saved.

Baiting Bulls

At one time, American bulldog puppies were brought home for their abilities in baiting bulls though because he was also recognized as an intelligent creature he soon found favor among farmers where his abilities to act as superior working dog made him a very welcome addition to the farm. One of the trickiest things about bringing up a new American Bulldog puppy is finding a suitable name for him.

According to breeders of the American Bulldog this is an aspect that throws up as many difficulties as are encountered when naming a newborn child though with a few tips it is possible to zero in on a suitable name. First of all, the name that you pick for your puppy should be one that your pet can easily recognize and understand; typically, this should mean that you pick a name that does not contain more than a couple of syllables as studies show that American Bulldog puppies tend to easily understand sounds that only contain a few (not more than two) syllables.

It is also necessary that you pick a name that you will like calling out in public though makes sure to not name him with something that closely resembles a command. You need to also puppy-proof your home before you bring the little fella home. When he makes his first appearance in your home there is sure to be plenty excitement about; so it necessary that you have prepared everything in the home so as to properly welcome your new family member.

Though American Bulldog puppies are small in size they can be quite a handful to manage. You should at the very least remove everything that a puppy would put in his mouth and special care needs to be taken to secure electrical wires as too electrical cords. Also, makes absolutely sure that no cleaners or poisons are left around on low shelves in your home which would pose a real danger to the health and wellbeing of your puppy.

The entry of the puppy will as mentioned raise the excitement level. Your kids will be eager to play with him though you should be aware that though the puppy is tiny in size and very cute that you have to still allow that he will behave according to his animal instincts. He can often turn on a child especially when his patient has been tested beyond the breaking point. So, it is also necessary to instruct your child as to how to deal with the new addition to their home and to teach them to play with him without risking offending him.

Feeding your puppy is a very important issue that must be dealt with properly. Though there are many different dog food brands to choose from you should look at the premium brands first as these are sure to be high in nutritional value which ensures that you won’t need to feed the puppy with too much food while the overall effect will be maximum.

It is also equally necessary that you understand how often your puppy should be fed. This is an issue that gives rise to many differences of opinion. You can choose between free feeding as too scheduled feeding. The former method requires leaving food around for the pup to feed whenever the mood overcomes him. Scheduled feeding of course means feeding the puppy at fixed times.

Training your American bulldog puppies should start as soon as the puppy is old enough to be taught how to behave. At the beginning you can do preliminary type of training and then as your puppy responds to the elementary commands you can then move on to providing him with more advanced training.

Other important issues that you need to address include ensuring that his immunization has been taken care of. In addition, you need to vaccinate him. Lastly, makes sure to address common problems including teething problems and responding to the pup’s crying for help.

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