Choosing an American Bulldog Breeder

When choosing any dog breeder, it is important to look for certain qualifications.  First, the breeder should be certified through the American Kennel Club or AKC.  In this way, the breeder has to meet certain standards in its breeding methods in order to be certified as an AKC breeder.  In addition to this, the individual should call an interview several different breeders that he is interested in buying from to see what their philosophy is in breeding the dogs.  There are some breeders that work as ‘puppy mills,’ which means that their treatment of the animals is less than to be desired and their sole purpose is to produce as many puppies as possible without caring for the mother dogs or the studs, except to keep them healthy enough to produce another litter.

Choosing a Puppy

There are many different American bulldog breeders in the country since this type of dog is a popular choice.  Since there are problems with the breed in terms of hip dysplasia and in breeding, the individual should pay close attention to the way the American bulldog breeder handles his breeding methods.  The dogs should have plenty of room for exercise and the pens should be kept clean so that the dogs have a comfortable environment to live in.  The breeders should also take pride in their even tempered dogs, rather than producing aggressive dogs that can be used for unscrupulous purposes.

Once an American bulldog breeder has been chosen, then the individual should check to see what the parents look like and what former litters look like to choose who the mother and stud will be for the litter of puppies that he will choose from.  There are some individuals that want certain markings and colors on their dogs and will look for an American bulldog breeder that has parents that tend to produce puppies with these types of markings and colors.  In addition, some of the American bulldog breeders have bitches and studs that are champions or come from a champion bloodline.  If an individual desires to show their puppy at a later date then he may look for parents that have these champion bloodlines in them.

American bulldog breeders will produce puppies that have the typical American bulldog characteristics.  The American bulldog is taller than the English bulldogs and about four to five times as big as the French bulldog.  The American bulldog males can reach one hundred pounds and the females can reach seventy pounds in the upper weight ranges.  American bulldogs are very muscular and have a wide chest which makes them a very sturdy and agile animal.  The head of the American bulldog is squared and has a variety of types of ears, depending on the family bloodline.  Some of the ears are shaped in rose, some in half-pricked and some in pendant.  If the dog is going to be shown in the future, cropping the ears is not desired.

American bulldog breeders will have dogs in a variety of different colors, and the color choice really depends on the individual who is looking for a puppy because all colors are acceptable for showing the American bulldogs.  There are some American bulldogs that are almost all white in color and will have eyes that are rimmed in black.  There are others that have some color patches in them and will have a background of white.  There are also American bulldogs that have a brindle color and even a brown, tan or even a reddish color.  All of these colors can have many different variations in the puppies.

Every individual who thinks that he wants to buy an American bulldog from a breeder should carefully consider the breed and make sure that he is able to handle the long-term responsibility of this type of dog.  Since the American bulldog is a larger breed of dog, the individual needs to make sure he either knows how to train a dog or is planning on taking the dog to obedience training so that both he and the dog can learn how to act.  If this is not done, the American bulldog, with its strong personality and confidence, will quickly take advantage of the owner and position itself as the top dog in the home.  American bulldogs need to have an owner who is willing to be the firm and consistent so that the dog knows its place in the home and is comfortable there.  It also needs to be socialized with other dogs so that it does not become aggressive.  Knowing that its master is the ‘top dog’ in the home helps tremendously with the aggressiveness issue.

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