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  • Top Ten Bulldog Rescue Mistakes

    Before you attempt at bulldog rescue, you should make sure that you know what you are getting into. Note that bulldog rescue is not an easy job and it entails a lot of responsibilities on your part. If you really want to pursue bulldog adoption, you should first study what are the main causes why bulldogs would end up in rescue.

    Mistakes That People Make

    When it comes to bulldog rescue, you should note the following mistakes that drive people to give up their dogs to bulldog rescue.

    The first and biggest mistake that people make that will eventually get their dog to some bulldog rescue is that people fail to research the right type of dog that are suitable for them. People simply take thing for granted and end up regretting their choice when they could not really handle their dog.
    People are so intent about getting a dog that they do not really ask about the ancestry of the dog. As it is, the dog turns out to be genetically defective.

    Failure to research the source of the breed would sometime lead to some complications. The bulldog may not really be fitted for the needs of the family and would end up in bulldog rescue.
    Failure on the part of the owner to honor his or her commitment to the dog. In some instances, the owner is actually too busy that he or she will not longer have time to take care of the dog.
    Failure of the owner to realize that a dog require financial commitment. Note that a dog needs about $500 a year for food and other supplies.

    Failure of the owner to be consists in the way that he or she treats his or her dog. If the owner always changes the rules, the bulldog will not be able to follow instructions and commands easily thus it would become unruly and unimaginable. A badly trained dog is a big headache for its owner.
    The failure on the part of the owner to teach the bulldog some good manners and social skills would make the dog unsociable and unmanageable.

    The failure of the owner to research the source of the dog would lead to incompatibility. If the dog comes from a breed of working bulldogs, you simply cannot expect your bulldog to stay happy inside the house with nothing to do.

    The failure on the part of the breeder to disclose certain vital information regarding the health of the bulldog would lead to some severe complications later on that the owner would end up giving up the dog for rescue.
    The failure on the part of the owner to foresee his or her inability to handle the bulldog would eventually force him or her to give up the dog. If you are a frail old person and you have a headstrong bulldog, you definitely will not be able to cope up with you the bundle of energy in the house.

    If your are really interest to adopt a bulldog from a bulldog rescue, make sure to ask the people their of the history of the dog and reason why the owner gave it for bulldog adoption. If you know the history of the dog, you will know what to expect from a bulldog rescue dog.

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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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