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  • What To Expect From A Bulldog Rescue Dog

    If you are planning to get a bulldog rescue dog, you should be prepared for some rough times especially in the first weeks after you brought the bulldog home. Note that before the bulldog rescue dog came to be rescued, it had suffered some pretty rough times that may have affected it deeply. Note that since most dogs that are rescued are already adults, you could really end up with a highly disturbed adult bulldog on your hands.

    Since you are just getting to know your bulldog, the two of you may not really hit it off right away. The bulldog has a stubborn and a dominant nature so it will not really adhere to what to what you have to say right away. Depending on its past experiences and training, you could really end up with a very badly trained bulldog who would not readily cooperate with you.

    Training and housebreaking an adult bulldog could be very challenging for you. At times, you might think that your bulldog rescue dog is a hopeless case. However, as much as possible, you should not give up on you adopted bulldog. You should always bear in mind that this poor dog have been through a lot of bad times in the past that if you give up on him or her, he or she may not really find another home and will grow old in the dog pound or kennel. The worst thing that could happen to a dog is to grow on in such cold and unloving places as the dog pound. Since you already ventured into bulldog adoption, you might as well slug it out with your bulldog and pray that things will get better soon.

    Eventually, as you bulldog begin to trust you and see that you are his or her only hope, the dog will soon learn to love you. The good thing about bulldog rescue dogs is that once they find a home and an owner who takes care of them, they will be forever loyal and grateful to you.

    Spending For Your Bulldog Rescue Dog

    Contrary to what you might be thinking that you are getting a dog for free, you could actually spend a lot of money on bulldog adoption. Depending on the present conditions of the bulldog rescue dog, you can be in for some medical expenses. If your bulldog is very sick and would need some medical attention, you could pile up some medical bills in just short time.

    If your dog is badly trained and you find it difficult to train him or her on your own, it would be a good idea to enroll your dog in some training classes. It is best to leave the dog training to the experts when it comes to difficult dogs. On the whole, the pros and cons of bulldog rescue are pretty much even.

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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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