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  • Preparing For Your Bulldog Puppy

    So, youíve adopted a bulldog puppy but you arenít quite ready for him to arrive yet. What should you prepare and where should you go to get supplies? Well, the first thing you have to figure out is 1) How old is your bulldog pup, and 2) How long has your bulldog puppy been at the shelter?

    These two questions are very important. First of all, you want to know how old your bulldog puppy is. If itís newly born and has just weaned from its mother, then you shouldnít have any problems training the puppy as it will be young enough to know only the way you teach it. If your bulldog puppy, for instance, is old enough to have learned some bad habits, well, you may have a little time breaking those habits.

    You also want to know how long your bulldog puppy has been at the shelter. Bulldog puppies who live at the shelter for long periods of time have undoubtedly picked up some bad habits. For instance, bulldog puppies who have been sheltered for a long time arenít potty trained at all. Generally, these animals arenít walked and so learn to defecate and urinate in the places where they live: their kennels. This makes it very hard to teach them not to go potty in the house. If your bulldog puppy has been at the shelter for a long time, hope is not all lost, it will just take more time to reprogram your puppy with the behaviors you expect of it.

    Training Classes

    One of the best ways to teach your bulldog puppy the skills and behaviors that you would like it to exhibit in your home is to take them to a training class. A behavioral training class allows you to interact with your bulldog pup while he or she also learns certain domesticated behaviors. Donít worry about the cost of the class. Some of them may seem costly but consider all the money youíll save in ripped up furniture as well as cleaning products that may or may not get up pet waste. The money is well worth it when you consider that your new best friend will be on his or her best behavior.

    Finally, before the arrival of your new bulldog puppy, make sure that you have all the essentials, such as a food and water bowl, some chew toys, a collar and leash as well as a kennel, which is a great tool in potty training. You may also want to consider creating a living space for your bulldog puppy, as you and your dog will probably be spending many happy years together.

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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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