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  • Creating A Living Space For Your Bulldog Puppy

    The prospect of bring home a bulldog puppy could be very exciting for the whole family especially on the children. However, before you can bring your bulldog puppy home, you should first create a living space for your bulldog pup. Note that just like with people, you bulldog pup will need to have a place which is can call its own.

    When creating a living space for your bulldog, you should find a peaceful corner in the house where the bulldog pup will be able to rest and get some sleep with minimum disturbances. You should also make sure that the living space of the bulldog pup is warm enough during cold weather and cool enough during summers. The things about bulldogs is that they are not known to complain a lot if they are uncomfortable or is feeling cold so it would be a good idea to see to it that your dog do not feel cold in the winter. During summer, you must make sure that the living space of your bulldog is well ventilated and not stuffy. Since the bulldog pup have short muzzle and wide nose, it cannot tolerate stuffiness and heat. In most cases, bulldogs will find it difficult to breath when the room is hot and stuffy.

    When you live in an area where the heat could be very oppressive during the summer or any other times of the year, you should make sure to keep you bulldog pup indoors in an air conditioned room if you do not want to risk a heat stroke.

    Choosing A Bed For Your Bulldog Puppy

    Bulldog puppies love soft and comfortable beds. In fact, your bulldog pup would be very comfortable curling on your sofa and going to sleep. However, since having a dog sleeping on your sofa may not really be a good idea when you have some visitors around, you should train your bulldog pup to sleep in its own bed. When it comes to making a bed for your bulldog puppy, you will need soft materials such as straw or wood shavings. Dogs who are kept in kennels are usually used to sleeping in straw or wood shaving so if you happen to get your bulldog pup from a kennel, you should try to get the same types of bedding materials to help the puppy feel comfortable is its new home.

    Using cotton rugs and blankets could also be a good idea when it comes to puppy beddings. The good thing about cotton blankets and rugs is that they are easy to clean and wash. However, when it comes to the bed for your dog, do not use those exotic wicker dog beds. Bulldog puppies would have a grand time tearing wicker baskets to pieces! Since your puppy could accidentally swallow and choke on the wicket basket materials, you better not give your dog the opportunity of chewing one. Remember that when it comes to bulldog puppy supplies, you should always think of their safety first.

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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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