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  • What You Need To Groom Your Bulldog

    Grooming your bulldog is one of the basic things that you should remember in bulldog care. In fact, when it comes to bulldog care, you simply cannot forget about grooming since your dog will soon get sick if you will not pay attention to its grooming needs.

    When it comes to grooming your bulldog, you will need some specials tools and supplies. The first thing that you will need is a table, which you will use solely for grooming your dog. The grooming table should have some drawers where you can put your bulldogs grooming supplies. You easily find a table suitable for grooming your dog in one of those pet supplies and equipment shops.

    Buying Some Grooming Supplies For Your Bulldog

    If you were about to bring a bulldog pup into the house, it would be a good idea to buy some grooming supplies as part of you bulldog care program long before you bring the puppy home. Do not wait until the time when the puppy arrives in your home before you start buying supplies and equipments for your bulldog care. In most instances, when your bulldog pup arrives in your home, you will all be too busy and too excited to pay attention to details.

    When it comes to buying supplies and equipments for your bulldog care, you should make a list first before you go out and buy them to save time and effort. First, you will need some cleaning supplies for your bulldog. If you are planning to bathe your bulldog yourself, get bathing supplies such as shampoo, cotton balls, mineral oil or eye ointment, Vaseline, washcloth and towels. You can get all these supplies from the supermarket or at the pet shop. Just make sure that when you buy shampoo for your dog, you choose one of those no-tear formulas. You may also use one of those baby no tear-shampoo to make sure that you do not accidentally irritate the eyes of your dog with the shampoo.

    Part of your bulldog care program would be brushing the hair of your dog. To do this, you should get one of those soft brushes that will not really irritate the skin of you dog. You will need to brush the hair of your dog once a week.

    Brushing And Clipping The Nails Of Your Dog

    You will need to brush the teeth of your bulldog occasionally. If possible, you should brush the teeth of your dog daily as part of your bulldog care program. Note that there may be some food wedged between the teeth of your dog that could cause some tooth decay and bad breath.

    When it comes to clipping the nails of your dog, you should get one of those sturdy and durable nail clippers. Note that bulldog nails could be a bit tough so it is ideal for you to get a good nail clipper. You should also read those expert grooming tips for your bulldog so that you can learn new tricks in grooming your bulldog.

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