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  • Expert Grooming Tips For Your Bulldog

    Grooming is an essential part of bulldog care. Brushing the coat of your dog could be a lot of fun and your dog loves the good rub too. According to experts, since bulldogs are not really heavy shredders, you should only brush the coat of your dog at the maximum of 3 times a week and minimum of once a week during regular season. However, during spring and fall, you will need to brush your dog more often as part of your overall bulldog care program. Spring and fall are times when your dog will shred more hair that it used to so you should be prepared for that.

    Note that when it comes to brushing the coat of your bulldog as part of your bulldog care program, you should always take great care is choosing the kind of brush that you will use. You must use soft bristle or rubber brush so as not to irritate the skin of your bulldog. You can easily find these types of brush in the super market or in pet sops.

    When brushing the hair of your dog, you should start form the near and brush against the hair. Brush the entire dog against the grain of the hair. After brushing the entire dog against the grain of the hair, you brush it again but this time to brush following the grain of the hair. After the brushing, give your dog a dog rubdown to make its coat shine.

    Bathing Your Dog As Part Of The Bulldog Care Process

    Bathing your dog as part of your overall bulldog care program could be both fun and challenging. To make your job easier and more enjoyable, you should follow the following procedures. First, collect all the things that you will need and put it near the place where you will bath your bulldog. You will need towel, shampoo, conditioner, brush, jug, cotton wool for eyes and ears and rubber brush.

    When you have all the things that you need, the second thing that you will do is to wet the dog using a dog shower hose or jug using hand-hot water. Once the dog is already wet, you fill a bowl with hand-hot water and put some shampoo on it then squeeze soapy water over the dog with a sponge. Take special care that you do not put shampoo directly onto the skin of the dog. Apply soapy water from rear to front. Rinse and then shampoo again this time adding some conditioners.

    After the bath, squeeze the water out from the body of your dog using your hands. Squeezing out the water is actually a good excuse for you to feel some lumps in the body of your dog. Note that when it comes to bulldog care, it is always advisable to check your dog for lumps.

    When it comes to bulldog care, never use a hair dryer. When it comes to bulldog care, hair dryers are simply not acceptable. You should instead use towels to dry off your dog and allow your dog to shake to get the excess water off its body.

    Well-groomed bulldogs are healthy dogs. If you have a good bulldog care program, you can expect healthy dogs. Note that if you are planning of breeding your bulldog, it is a must that you keep it in top shape all the time.

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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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