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  • Emergency Care For Your Bulldog

    There are two bulldog care rules that you must always remember during emergencies. First, you need to stay very calm and think clearly. Do not panic when you see that your dog is injured. The second thing that you must remember is that your dog is in pain and may become aggressive. Even if your bulldog loves you a lot, it may become hostile simply because it is in pain, it scared and it might even be panicky. You must approach your dog calm to assure your bulldog that you are going to help him or her. Try not to let the dog know that you are scared or near panic because it will make matters worst.

    Bulldog Care During Traffic Accidents

    Dogs would sometimes get bumped or sideswiped by vehicles on the street. If a car bumped of sideswiped your dog you must remember the basic principles of bulldog care during accidents. Stay calm, reassure the dog and call for help. Bulldog care procedures during traffic accidents include checking the heartbeat of your dog and itís breathing. If the dog is bleeding, try to stop the bleeding by pressing cloth on the wound. It is not advisable to use a tourniquet if you are not really very familiar with it since you might bind it too tightly that you will effectively cut off the circulation of the blood thus causing more damage than good.

    As a cardinal rule during accidents, try not to move your dog. Sometimes, you could make matters worst if you move your dog so please do not move you dog. However, in case where somebody could not come and attend to your dog on the spot, them call someone to help you lift your dog and bring it to an animal clinic. When lifting the dog, slide a blanket underneath the dog and lift the blanket. Try to keep the blanket in such a way that they body of the dog would lie flat on the blanket. Put the dog on the backseat of your car and call the vet clinic that you are coming in with an injured bulldog.

    Bulldog Care In Cases Of Burns, Heatstroke And Poisoning

    Bulldog care for burns involves immersing the burned body part in cold running water for as long as possible. If some caustic substance causes the burn, wash off the substance immediately and immerse the burned body part in cold running water. Call for help immediately or bring the dog to the vet clinic. On the other hand, Bulldog care when it comes heatstroke involves removing the froth from the mouth of bulldog, dousing the body of the dog with cold water to lower the body temperature and taking the dog immediately to vet for more extensive bulldog care.

    When it comes to poisoning, you should call the vet immediately. Poisoning could be very fatal to your dog so make sure that you bring the dog immediate to the clinic. In case where the clinic is far from where you are, ask the vet on the phone what you should do.
    As your bulldog ages, you may encounter other forms of emergencies. Note that aging dogs are generally weaker than the younger ones thus when it comes to caring for your bulldog as he ages, you should be prepared for more emergencies.

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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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