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  • Breeding Your Bulldog

    Bulldog breeding is a big responsibility and you should not undertake this if you cannot commit to giving your dog the best bulldog care. You must understand that bulldog breeding would take up a lot of your time especially when your dog is already about to give birth to puppies. However, the advantage of bulldog breeding is that you could have more puppies in your home without really spending a lot of money. In fact, you can also earn some money if you decide to sell your puppies later on.

    In the event where you decide that you can handle the rigors of bulldog breeding, there are certain things that you must learn before you do undertake the task. Note that only healthy and well-adjusted female bulldogs and are 18 months old are eligible for bearing puppies. If you have a healthy female bulldog that you want to breed, wait until your dog have reached 18 months.

    Another major consideration in bulldog breeding is that your female bulldog must come from a bloodline that is free from major defects. You should know the ancestors of your bulldog to be able to judge as to whether or not your female bulldog is a good candidate for bulldog breeding. To learn about the ancestry of your female bulldog, you should ask the breeder where you got your pup about the family history of your female bulldog.

    Female bulldogs that have the rare ability to free-whelp or those who can deliver her puppies on her own are very good candidates for breeding. However, you should understand that these free-whelping dogs are rare to find thus if you have a female bulldog that is healthy and comes from a good bloodline, you may breed your dog and assist it during birthing.

    Signs To Watch When Breeding

    Technically, the bulldog is one of the types of dogs that are simply not easy to breed so you should give it the best bulldog care to make sure that they are healthy enough to breed. Since you are not supposed to breed your bulldog until it reaches 18 months, this means that you will only be able to start bulldog breeding when the female is in heat for the third time. You should be very familiar with the heat cycle of your dog to be sure that she is already ripe for bearing puppies.

    By nature, bulldog bitches come into its first cycle of heat during the 5th to the 11th month. At this stage, you should not attempt to breed your dog since it will be dangerous to the health of your dog. On the third cycle of heat which could come somewhere around the 17th and 18th month, you should be ready to breed your dog. At this point, you should already know how to care for your bulldog at home.

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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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