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  • Bulldog Home

    The bulldog is one of the most popular breeds of dogs all over the world. As one of the most loved animals, the bulldog has been the companion of human beings for quite sometime. If you are one of those people who have always been fascinated by the bulldog, this site offers a lot of information about your favorite canine.

    Over the years, the bulldog has evolved, as they have been breed with other types of canine. Bulldog breeders all over the world have been breeding dogs for sometime that now there are several types of bulldogs that you can find all over the world. Bulldogs breeders have successfully created the following types of bulldogs over the years: the Alapaha blue blood bulldogs, the American bulldog, the Aussie Bulldogs, the banter bulldogge, the bulldoque campiero, the catahonla bulldog, the French bulldog, the Dorset olde tyme bulldog, the cade Bou, the olde English bulldogge, the Victorian Bulldog, the valley bulldog, the English bulldog and the old Boston bulldogge.

    Getting To Know Your Dog

    This website will give some insights about the bulldog. The articles herein are geared towards helping you understand your bulldog through its history, its personality, what it likes and donít like and give you some information about bulldog breeders, bulldog puppies and general bulldog care.

    If you have a pet dog in the house, it is interesting to not that this type of dog has a very colorful history. Originally known as fighting dogs, the bulldog has been first recognized as a breed in 1632. From them on, bulldogs have become through out the world for its dominant and tenacious attitude that makes them very effective as dissuasive guard dogs. However, although the bulldog may really look ferocious with that set and stern expression, bulldogs are really very sweet and kind-hearted dogs. Bulldog puppies are simply adorable and no kid could every resist them. In fact, the bulldog happens to be one of the most tolerant dogs when it comes to children. Bulldog puppies and children simply belong to each other.

    When it comes to dog care, one should always close attention to this type of dog because they are so tolerant that they will not really complain when they are cold, in pain or generally not feeling well. If you have a dog, you must always make it a point to close closely if your pet is feeling well since they are not the type who would really complains. Bulldog care is not really very difficult. As bulldogs are generally not very fragile as with some other dog breeds, you can easily take care of your pet bulldog.

    Bulldog Training And Bulldog Rescue

    In this website, you can find lots of information about bulldog training and bulldog rescue. When it comes to bulldog training, you can find lot of tips and guides on how to train your bulldog. When it comes to finding your self a bulldog, this site will give you leads and tips where to find one. There are many pet shops that sell bulldog puppies and there are many organizations all over the country that specializes in bulldog rescue and finding a home for abused dogs. To know more about the bulldog dog, read on.


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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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