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    The Convenience Of Installing Electronic Dog Doors


    There's one thing that works against traditional dog doors: if an animal is chasing or following our dog, it can do so even inside our house. The advent of electronic dog doors has brought in inexplicable convenience and security to our dogs at home. Nevertheless, you shouldn't buy the first electronic pet door that you find without first doing at least some basic research on the types of electronic dog doors available in the market so that you can get the best one for your dog.

    Types of Electronic Dog Doors

    There are two types of electronic pet doors depending on the sensors they have. The first one uses sensors that detect motion while the second one uses sensors that detect electromagnetic fields. While the former one is operated based on the working of an innovative sensor that senses the motion of the dog and differentiates the motion of the dog from that of humans, the latter is based on an electro magnetic signal that is sent from the collar unit worn by the dog.

    While both types work very well, the one that works with an electromagnetic field is the only one that can guarantee you that no other animal will be able to get inside your house.

    The Benefits

    Unlike conventional dog doors, the electronic dog doors are light, easy to use and install. They are designed to resist both bad weather and constant use, and thus they last for a long time. There are even a few models that will let you select to leave the door temporaly open or closed.

    How to Choose an Electronic Dog Door

    Always ask about different models in several stores or online before making a purchase since you might find one that has a feature that will be extremely useful and practical in your case. The height of the dog, the ease of handling, the customizability with respect to entry and exit and the activation methodology are a few major factors that need intent consideration before placing the order.

    The main advantage of electronic dog doors over regular ones is that they keep other animals out of the house. They are also a good choice in areas where there's a lot of rain or snow, since they will keep those outside too. Always consider the size of your dog when looking at electronic pet doors.

    News Flash  Mar, 22 2010

    Camdenton Man Injured In Crash Trying To Avoid Hitting Dog (The Springfield News-Leader)

    A Camdenton driver who tried to avoid hitting a dog in the road ended up with serious injuries when his car went off the road in Miller County, a report from the Highway Patrol said. Read More


    News Flash  Mar, 22 2010

    Training A Dog Not To Bite Involves Socialization And Discipline

    It is a fact in the canine world that puppies chew. This is often a dogâs choice method during playtime and is an important way for them to handle teething. (...) Read More


    News Flash  Mar, 22 2010

    'Blue Dog' Democrats Need To Act Now On Health Care - Washington Post

    'Blue Dog' Democrats need to act now on health careWashington PostHOUSE SPEAKER Nancy Pelosi, seeking to rally her caucus to approve health-care reform, reminded wavering members in an interview... Read More


    News Flash  Mar, 22 2010

    Pet Insurance Facts: Consider Dog Health Insurance For Peace Of Mind - Dog Magazine Dot Net

    Pet Insurance Facts: Consider Dog Health Insurance For Peace Of MindDog Magazine dot net... particularly before you bring him home or immediately right after, is a worthy investment to make for the sake... Read More


    News Flash  Mar, 22 2010

    Hurt Dog Finds ER: Injured Canine LIMPS Into New Mexico Hospital

    A hurt dog finds ER FARMINGTON, N.M. - The patient was only slightly injured when he limped into a hospital in the northwest New Mexico city of Farmington. A hurt dog finds ER FARMINGTON, N.M. - The patient... Read More



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    Bulldog Picture

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