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    Could You Send your Bulldog To A Dog Boarding Kennel?


    Well, work has finally slowed down enough that you can actually think about taking a vacation. You’ve got the whole trip planned out, right down to the flight number to whisk you off to the Florida Keys; however, one small detail still needs to be resolved. What to do with the family dog. Below are a few reasons why a dog boarding kennel is a great choice for your pet while you are away.

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    Dogs in general need a solid routine. If the pet were to accompany you on you grand adventure, chances are they would end up being a nervous wreck and getting sick on a regular basis. Instead of putting your dog through the stress of hopping around on the Florida Keys, why not place them in a dog boarding kennel where their feeding schedule, play time, and visit time can be kept to a consistent schedule. Granted, both you and your animal will miss each other, but you will come back to get them and happiness will ensue.

    Medical Care

    Occasionally your dog will become sick and require medical care. If your pet accompanies you during your vacation, there is absolutely no guarantee that you’ll be able to provide the necessary medical care on the road. However, if you choose to board your dog at a reputable dog boarding kennel, access to veterinary care will be quick and complete. Also, if anything were to happen, you’ll be a short phone call away.

    Other Vacationers

    Despite what the brochure indicated, there will be other tourists on your island retreat with you. Chances are there will be a lot of them. Since not every single person you encounter will be a dog lover, occasionally confrontations might occur if you have the family pet with you. But, if you keep your pet at a dog boarding kennel, that whole potential problem is eliminated.

    Vacation for Your Pet

    Another reason to consider using a dog boarding kennel is the condition of many of the kennels available today. Many are well equipped to provide a mini-vacation for your family pet. Indeed, there is a chance that the dog boarding kennel you choose will have better amenities than a few of the hotel rooms that you’ll stay in. Why not give a vacation to your pet? If you play your cards right, both you and your pet will come back feeling relaxed and refreshed.


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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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