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    Purina Dog Food For The Bulldog


    With its beginnings dating back to 1893 manufacturing feed for horses, the Ralston-Purina company was born on the theory that horse always have to eat, regardless of the economic climate. With that basic premise still in mind Purina dog food remains one of the world leaders in the manufacture and distribution of pet food.

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    From mixing the horse feed with shovels on the floor of their factory, today per foods go through much more stringent quality controls and the people working for Purina dog food understand the important role pets play in the lives of their owners. Many of those working for Purina dog food also have pets of their own and use Purina products almost exclusively. The dedication to the quality and nutrition of Purina dog food is evident in the number of breeds and sizes of animals served by its products.

    From puppy to adult and even Purina dog food for senior dogs contain the ingredients for the specific age of the animals. There are nutritional products to also address the needs of specific health issues faced by dogs as well as cats. Older dogs may need special care and Purina products reflect that need and the companyís history of providing quality ingredients assures owners of its commitment to a petís health.

    Nutritional Care Helps Pets Age Gracefully

    Unlike humans, most animals do not realize they may be getting older, and pet owners can help them forget their age by supplying the Purina dog food for their age group to meet their nutritional needs. Care of the animalís teeth, joint health as well as their skin and coat can all be helped with the right formulation of dog food. Ignoring the dogís basic needs could result in their golden years being somewhat tarnished.

    Most pet owners treat their animals like children and feeding the animal should be done with the same care and concern as the diet they feed their families. Table scraps are never a substitute for good pet nutrition, and Purina dog food uses only the finest and freshest of meats for its source of protein and only cereals and grains known to benefit the animalís health, including its digestive tract and aid in heart health are used in it products.

    Although many dogs love the taste of Purina dog food it is important to limit the animalís intake to help it maintain a healthy weight and is it grows older keeping it on a regular diet can help the family companion reach maturity while maintaining its health.


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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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