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    Making Homemade Dog Food For Your Bulldog


    Something thatís coming into vogue with savvy pet owners is the idea that they can make homemade dog food instead of just buying some kibble. Just as you might have done a century ago, feeding a dog can be done using recipes you get from others, or using knowledge of nutrition to feed your canine pals. If it seems like itís a lot of work to make homemade dog food, you should know that there are some good reasons to do it.

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    Avoid Chemicals

    Just as prepackaged food for people contains filler, artificial flavorings, and preservatives, so does dog food. Making homemade dog food helps to take a lot of that out of the picture, since you control what goes into your dog. If you have concerns about the mount of artificial additives you have in your own food, then you should probably worry about the same with your dogs.

    Get Added Vitamins

    Just as the same diet can lead to some vitamin deficiencies in humans, pets eating prepackaged dog food can miss out on some things. For instance, antioxidants may play as important a role in dog food as it does for people, according to some vets. In order to get such foods into your dogís diet, making homemade dog food that has vegetables in it can help ensure your canine friend gets some of these vitamins. You can get the option to add other additives to make your dog healthy. For instance, powdering some egg shell and putting it in homemade dog food provides a way to help your dog get more calcium.

    Bring Variety To Dinnertime

    Just as people donít always want to eat the same thing, day in and day out, pets can get bored with their food do. Making homemade dog food can ensure that your dogs get variety in their diets, since you can make different meals from them. This variety also ensures that your dog will get lean meats in their diet, such as chicken or fish, instead of too much fatty meat like pork.

    Food Prep Is Easy

    Though dogs and people do have slightly different physiologies, there are some things in common, so you can combine making homemade dog food with making people food. For instance, most homemade dog food recipes can be pretty successful with a ratio of two parts meat to one part vegetables. If youíre steaming some broccoli and chicken, itís pretty easy to get that food to your dogs. Just because you shouldnít give say, hot dogs to your pets doesnít mean that there are no foods that you can share. Itís all a matter of cooking healthy, both for your pet and for you, and homemade dog food is a great start.


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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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