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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » How Do Dog Bark Collars Work?

    How Do Dog Bark Collars Work?


    No one minds a dog that barks when there is danger. That's what watchdogs are for. But when dogs bark for no reason, then the neighbors will complain. If that's what your dog does, then do something about it before you get into trouble. Excessive barking is specially annoying when people try to sleep at night. You might have become used to your dog's barking, but your neighbor might still find it annoying.

    Stopping Your Dog's Barking

    There are some methods that you can use to stop your dog from barking so much. Some of these are: finding the underlying cause of the barking, using positive training techniques, or using clicker training to help the dog learn to only bark on command. In some cases, you might even want to consult an expert.

    Many owners have success when using special collars for their barking dogs they can be very effective at changing dog behavior!

    Different Types of Bark Collars

    Citrus spray (or citronella) collars work because most dogs do not like citrus smells. Barking triggers the citrus smell, so that dogs stop barking in order to avoid the spray. Some of them also make a hissing noise before spraying the citrus smell, as an additional deterrent.

    Sonic/untrasonic collars work by putting out a tone (often unheard by humans) whenever the dog barks. This sound is annoying for the dog, and it will last as long as the dog keeps barking.

    You can also get an electic bark collar, which gives a mild elecrical shock to the dog when it barks. Despite what some people think, this shock is as harmless and painless as a static electricity shock.

    There are even some dog bark collars that use more than one of these systems. Other dog bark collars use an escalation system, where the deterrent begins small or quiet, but escalates until the barking ends. These systems are helpful by rewarding the dog for stopping the barking sooner.

    If your dog barks, any of these dog bark collars will help you reduce the barking. Your neighbors will surely appreciate it.

    Dogs that bark a lot can cause you trouble with your neighbors, specially at night. There are behavior modification methods, but even easier is using bark collars for dogs. There are three types of dog bark collars that you can select from, and they're all effective.

    dog bark collars can be useful to eliminate barking that is not related to your dog's health. Even if you get used to your dog's barking, your neighbors will certainly not. bark collars for dogs will eventually train your dog and spare you from trouble.

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