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    Different Kinds Of Bark Control Collars


    If your dog barks too much – and you’re ready to do something about it – you probably should get a bark control collar. Yes, there are other options, but will they work for you? It depends on the situation.

    Why Do Dogs Bark So Much?

    First of all, find out the reason why your dog barks that much. The dog might be trying to indicate through barking that it's ill, scared, or lonely. If your dog is barking because of one of these, then the bark control collar isn’t the answer. The solution to these situations lies elsewhere. But for dogs that bark just because they are bored, the bark control collar can help them break the barking habit

    Selecting a Bark Control Collar for Your Dog

    There are three main types of bark control collars for you to choose from. And there are even some bark control collars that belong to more than one category.

    The first of these collars is the one that sprays the dog with citrus smell whenever the barking starts. Dogs really dislike this smell, and they will stop barking in order to avoid releasing the smell. Some collars will emit a hissing sound before the citrus spray, so dogs that stop the barking at this point can save themselves from the citrus smell.

    There are also some collars that will give small socks to the dog's neck whenever it barks. The shock is mild – about like we humans getting a static shock – but it is enough to deter the barking dog. In addition, these collars usually turn off by themselves after some time in order to avoid unnecessary stress.

    The ultrasound or sonic collar sounds a high pitched tone that people can’t hear. This sound is activated whenever the dog barks, so as to make the dog stop barking.

    One of the biggest benefits of a bark control collar is that the dog will be being trained all the time, not just when the owners are around. It's specially useful to train your dog not to bark at night, when you're asleep.

    If your dog is barking from fear, aggression, or loneliness, there are ways to train them out of barking so much. bark control dog collars work best for the dog who barks out of boredom or habit. You can choose between spray collars, sonic collars, or shock collars.

    bark control collars help you reduce excessive barking, specially at night. Just make sure that your dog isn't barking because it's sick or hungry. But when the dog is just misbehaving, then bark control dog collars can be the solution.

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    Bulldog Picture

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