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  • What To Expect With A Bulldog

    Dogs are fun to have as pets. If you have children, they will really learn something about responsibility and friendship when you have a dog in the house. When it comes to dogs as pets, having a bulldog would bring a lot of fun and laughter in the house. You can expect your bulldog to be very tolerant towards you children. More often than not, the bulldog will allow the kids to play with it day in and day out. However, the downside of having a bulldog in the house is that a bulldog is sometimes really stubborn. If you do not train your bulldog at such an early age, you could really find it rather difficult to handle when it grows up.

    When it comes to hygiene and sanitation, although the bulldog is generally a clean dog, it does have the tendency to drool a lot and dribble water after they drink. Note that the bulldog has a rather very heavy face and its jaws are undershot thus it is normal for a bulldog to drool. If you do not want to have some dog saliva on your chairs and furniture, you should train your bulldog not to sit or sleep on your couch or chairs. Aside from the drooling and dribbling water, the bulldog has the tendencies to pass gas every now and then. In some instances, the gas could be downright odorous. Since passing gas is actually part of the nature of the bulldog, you will have to learn to live with that. Another thing that you should know about bulldogs is that they tend to snore when they sleep. If you are planning to let your dog sleep inside your room, you better get used to the idea of having a snoring dog sleeping inside your bedroom.

    Things To Watch Out When Caring For A Bulldog

    The overall built up of the bulldog will not stand well under some moderate to extreme heat conditions. Note that the muzzle of the bulldog is short and the nose is rather wide so that during humid conditions, the bulldog would find it difficult to breathe. In most cases, the bulldog will also find it difficult to breath after much exertion. During the summer, it would not be wise to let your kids play with your bulldog under the heat of the sun for a long time. In fact, it might not be wise at all you let the dog out for more than a few minutes during the height of summer because you bulldog has very low tolerance to heat. It would be a good idea to keep your bulldog in an air-conditioned room during summers because it can easily succumb to heart strokes. Since your bulldog does not thrive well under stuffy conditions, you should make sure that you use wire crates when transporting your dog. Note that wire crates would allow good ventilation and would help your dog breath easily.

    Knowing what to expect in your bulldog is very import if you want to keep your dog healthy. To know more about what to do with your bulldog, it would be a good idea to ask those bulldog breeders about the proper o care for this type of dog.

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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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